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Born with a rare medical condition called Chronic Intestinal Psuedo Obstruction, Garrett had to face many medical hardships, but by keeping a positive attitude and smile on

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his face he used his experiences to grow, reach his goals and channel this into motivation to follow his dreams. Graduating from Our Lady of Good Counsel in 2011, he decided to pursue his passion for dance.  Along the way he found a new love for helping others accomplish their goals and realizing their potential. With a growing business certified by The Potomac Institute of Change Management, Garrett strives to help others

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navigate to their dreams and aspirations.

Garrett is dedicated to helping you achieve your smallest goals and biggest dreams.

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“Garrett has helped me to accomplish goals in all aspects of my life. He helped me to identify my nasty tendency to procrastinate. Procrastination was

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the source of all my stress and disappointments. He encouraged me to adapt a “Just Do It!” mentality. He held me accountable by requesting that I inventory the moments during my week when I felt the urge to procrastinate, whether it involved an assignment at work or a chore at home. He challenged me to assess my feelings and desires during these moments and to will myself into fighting the urge. I practiced this daily and within a matter of weeks procrastination became a vice of my past. Once I was able to take control of my desire to procrastinate, I was able to finish

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the remainder of my CPA exams in a much shorter time period than expected. Earning my CPA is my greatest accomplishment to date. This is just one of the many instances that Garrett has helped me to improve myself!” – Sarah Ruppert CPA
“Garrett has helped become more Akademische Ghostwriter ist nicht kostbar Akademische Ghostwriter confident in myself. I decided to seek for Garrett’s help after a really bad relationship ended. I was doubting myself a lot and had a really hard time dealing with things. With his help, I was able to realize that I deserve better but also why I deserve better. He’s helped me break the habit of thinking so badly of myself. He encouraged me to think about myself more and helped me figure out what I liked about myself. Before, I was a pushover, self-doubting person but now, I am more confident. I’ve become more aware of who I am which helped me put myself first in a lot of situations, which was something I didn’t do before. I just came to love myself. Overall, I am happy for his guidance. I can now confidently take on the world because of this self-love that no one can take away from me!” -Faye Elyse

“Garrett has left a signifcant impression on me. I first spoke to him unsure of how

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much help I can get at such an emotional and vulnerable state. But Garrett was very inspirational from the start. After careful listening and gentle guidance, he really brought a new positive perspective into my life. Garrett’s understanding is stifling and I can easily say that he’s become a dear friend.” – Rochelle Gobantes